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Common Refrigerator Issues

A Know-How to the Not-So-Cool Refrigerator Issues

At RepairUs, we aim to be more than just a refrigerator repair company. In fact, we strive to be your North Star, where you can look forward to guidance every time you feel stuck in anything related to refrigerators and freezers.

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Do you know? Refrigerators are one of the long-lasting appliances in our household. An average fridge can stay with you for almost 13 years.

Quite an extended period, right?
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Lesser Known Facts about Refrigerator Repairs

Let's discuss some facts about refrigerator repair that you might not know before about refrigerator repair.
Refrigerators are more prone to malfunctioning.
You can detect faults in refrigerators easily and often DIY them, BUT they are easy to fix with professional services.
Choosing the superior repair service is vital to save time, money, and your appliance.
The refrigerators don’t take long to get the bugs fixed.
Refrigerator repairs are typically economical.
You can extend the life of your refrigerator with proper maintenance and regular servicing.
Nearly 80% of problems a refrigerator might face more likely require minor fixtures and adjustments.

So, in the light of these facts and the expected period, we can say that…
Your refrigerator may need maintenance, repairs, replacements, and routine checks throughout its functioning period. But do you have enough knowledge to realize when your refrigerator is not functioning right and might need some professional’s attention?
Yes Or No?
In either case, you are in the right place.
As we said earlier, we’ll not only help you with the repairs, but we’ll also educate you with the knowledge you need as a refrigerator owner.

Common Refrigerator Problems

Problem No. 1: Water Leaking on the Floor

If your refrigerator is leaking water on the floor, it might create a risky situation for people around as they might get slipped. The culprit behind this malfunction can be a blocked defrost drain.

Problem No. 2: Cooling Issues

When your refrigerator fails to cool the way it ought to, your stored items might start rotting and getting spoiled. When such cooling issues happen, chances are your freezer’s evaporator fan is not working.

Problem No. 3: Your Refrigerator is Noisy

When your refrigerator starts emitting crazy sounds, that's a red flag! Unfortunately, you can't just ignore the sounds your fridge makes as you would forget about other noises because it's also taking a toll on your power bills. Reasons causing your unit to become louder can be the dirt and debris buildup and adjusting the temperature too low.

Problem No. 4: Fresh Food Compartment is warming up

When your fresh food compartment is warming up, that’s more likely an airflow problem or your refrigeration unit’s evaporator fan is not working.

Problem No. 5: Ice Sheet Buildup on Freezer Floor

Do you often experience an ice-sheet buildup on the floor of your freezer? It may be because the defrost drain of your freezer is blocked.

Common Refrigerator Problems

Problem No. 6: Refrigerator Compartment is Freezing Fresh Food

When your refrigerator is freezing food, the chances are the temperature thermostat has gone wrong. You can assess a faulty thermostat by changing its settings from the lowest to the highest. Heard a clicking sound? It means that your temperature thermostat is not out of order (if you hear a clicking sound). However, if you don't hear that clicking note, there remains no doubt that the thermostat is the reason behind the malfunction.

Problem No.7: Fridge’s Light is not Working

In most cases, the LED light bulb is defective. Replace it. If replacing the LED light bulb does not do the trick, there might be an issue with the light board or socket that has some problem that needs professional help being fixed.

Problem No. 8: Ice Maker is Not Working

When a refrigerator's ice maker is not working, there are three reasons that stop ice-maker from making ice. First, blocked Waterline Badly positioned shut-off arm, and tripped ice-bucket sensor.

Signs That Your Refrigerator Needs a Repair

You may need to get your fridge repaired if you experience:
Excessive heat from the motor
Your food is going bad
Your Freezer is Over-freezing
The Door Gasket isn’t Sealing
Your Refrigerator Has No Power
Insufficient Cooling
Extreme Condensation on the Internal Wall linings and Shelves
The External Body of the Refrigerator Getting Overheated
Troubles in the Manual OR Automatic Control of the Appliance
Like a refrigerator unit is an essential appliance in your home, repairing these problems is also crucial. Therefore, whenever you see your refrigerator signalling anything from the above signs, you should immediately call the pros.

How-to Hire a Refrigerator Repair Service without Pouring Big Bucks

When you get to know that your fridge is no more functioning right to keep your edibles fresh, you need to call a Refrigerator Repair service. Definitely! However, you might not be able to get the hiring thing right. It can be time-consuming and expensive.
To help, here’s a mini-guide that intends to assist you in making an informed decision.

Step 1: Start by asking your friends and neighbors for recommendations and look for the right refrigerator repair services online. Enter "refrigerator repair service near me" into Google to begin your search.

You’ll have lots of options to consider this way!
Step 2: Navigate the sites that come as a suggestion
Step 3: Get in touch with the refrigerator repair companies and gather information. Do not forget to ask about the warranty they offer on their services. (By the way, RepairUs offer you a 30-day warranty on repairs and a 12-months warranty on part replacements.)
Step 4: Read the reviews about the companies. This will give you an overall idea of their services. Plus, don't just rely on a particular company's website reviews. Instead, try reading reviews about them on third party sites.
Step 5: Inquire about the company’s policy on availability and parts.
Step 6: Finally, schedule a call, explain your refrigerator’s issue and book your refrigerator repair to get things done.


Did we mention? RepairUs gets most of the clients through referrals and word of mouth. We have also made third-party review websites sing our praise with our up-to-the-mark services.

Post-Repair Care and Regular Maintenance Are Important

So, you got your faulty refrigerator repaired? Great!

That's not all, though. Post-Repair Refrigerator repair care also matters A LOT. The post-repair care and regular maintenance include:

We are a top fridge repair company that can handle the trickiest parts of repairs, like compressors. The refrigerator’s compressor may have two common issues:

Checking your appliance regularly for returning signs of malfunction

Keeping a tap on your energy bills

Avoiding physical movement or shifting of the appliance

Taking care of these preventive measures will ensure the long life of your refrigerator and save you from any further inconveniences.
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Some Key Takeaways

Turn off the fridge before doing any maintenance work.

When you are up to defrost your refrigerator, make sure to lay a couple of towels underneath. They'll help absorb excess moisture.

DIY'ing can lead you to a disaster if you need a part replaced. Your best bet is to get a professional to do it instead.We cover it all so that you never have to lurk here and there for your refrigerator repair needs!
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