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Folks, if you are in desperate need of a reliable yet fast commercial fridge repair service in Toronto, RepairUs is your heaven! You get to enjoy the one-of-its-kind services from the world-class technicians in our team. As a result, your expensive appliances are in safe hands that will kick the bug out in no time unless something REALLY serious doesn’t get in the way. Having second thoughts about why you should choose RepairUs? First, you need to know a bit more about us, and you'll know we are the perfect fit…
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Who Needs Fridge Repair Services of RepairUs?

We know when you type "Refrigerator repair services near me" in Google, you get dozens of answers and listings back. Finding the one service you think is the just-right choice can be a daunting undertaking.

Worry not! We are doing the heavy lifting for you.
Whether you landed at RepairUs through a Google listing or someone you trust recommended us as a reliable commercial fridge repair service in Toronto (we get most of our clients through word of mouth), here are the reasons we can be a perfect match.

You need to get in touch with RepairUs for getting your cooling units fixed if:
You are in the food business (be it any type) and having trouble with your refrigerator
You want to hire a commercial refrigeration repair service for routine checkups and maintenance
You want a new refrigeration system installed at your place
You are receiving high energy bills and want to know if something is wrong with your refrigeration unit
You are on the lookout for fantastic fridge repair services that you can count on for emergencies
You need a refrigerator part replacement
We handle it all!

The Benefits of Working with Expert Technicians of RepairUs for Your Commercial Refrigerator Repair

There are tons of benefits of hiring expert technician services like RepairUs. Dare we say We are a vital back-the-stage support for your food business? Let us highlight a few of them to make things more straightforward for you.
Here’s how you benefit from our services:


We pride our 20 years of experience serving as a commercial refrigeration repair service in the GTA area and surrounding cities. This whopping experience has helped us hone our skills and make our services as efficient as the industry needs by working with the refrigeration units of different makes and models.


We had to filter our experts that had undergone the training involving mechanical expertise. The filtration process helped us achieve the status of a licensed refrigeration repair service in the GTA. We do not end by hiring experts in the field, but we also thrive to keep them up-to-date with the repairing and installation of refrigerators' new makes and models.


Commercial refrigeration units can be complex, and when a problem occurs, you can't rely on your spidey-sense to troubleshoot a commercial refrigeration unit. Because you may put the safety of your appliance at risk, the worst that can happen is you might need to replace your unit. Therefore, when you place your trust in the expertise and experience of repairs, we ensure your appliance's safety.

Extend the Life-Span of Your Refrigerators

We don't only repair your commercial unit, but we also help you take care of your unit with helpful maintenance tips and top-notch repair services. As a result, we help you save your money, energy, and time.

So, that’s how we keep your business running smoothly.
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Types of Commercial Refrigerators We Repair

There are numerous types of commercial refrigerator repair units. Some are popular, some are not, but as a commercial refrigeration repair unit, we are experts in repairing all significant types of refrigeration units.

Below is a breakdown of different commercial refrigeration units that we repair.

Display Refrigerators

These open-fronted refrigerators are like advertising boards for your food business. They help companies with the proper presentation of their foods. Here are some different types of display refrigerators that we can repair.
Serve-over Counter
Counter-top Displays
Bar and Counter Chiller Displays
Upright Glass Door Units
Under Counter Glass Door Fridges
Here are the troubles that we can fix with your display unit:
Power Problems
Loud Noise
Frost Buildup
Failure to Maintain Temperature
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Commercial Freezers / Refrigerators

Commercial freezers / refrigerators have been designed to remain cold despite continuously being used. They come in different shapes and sizes. Below are the most common problems that can occur with your commercial refrigerators or freezers:
Temperature problems
Loud and unfamiliar noises
Compressor issues
Ice buildup
Inability to run after transportation

Compact Refrigerators / Freezers

Compact refrigerators or freezers have gained popularity for their energy-saving capability, portability, and convenience. The issues that mini-fridges or freezers may come across are:
Failed Compressor
Failed Evaporator Fan Motor
Condenser Fan Motor
Thermostat issues
Evaporator Coils
Start Relays
Restriction in the Drier Filter
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Refrigerated Reach-in Units

Reach-in refrigerators come in a floor model and upright designed units in the foodservice industry. They are handy for preserving large quantities of food products and ingredients at the proper temperature. The common issues in reach-in refrigeration units are:
Airborne Bacteria and Mold Buildup
Freezing of Evaporator Fan
Temperature Fluctuations
Coils and Compressor Malfunctions

Refrigerated Worktops / Chef Base / Prep Tables

Worktop refrigerators, chef bases, or prep tables provide additional storage in the commercial kitchens. Therefore, they are super helpful in improving the efficiency of commercial spaces. The common problems in refrigerated work-top, chef base, or prep table are:
Compressor Issues
Temperature Problems
Door Issues
Iced Up Coil
Prep Table Getting Hot
Prematurely Food Spoiling
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Glass Door Units and Door Merchandisers

Glassdoor units or Door Merchandiser are outstanding cooling units that catch the attention of potential clients in your commercial space. The common malfunctions that you can experience with a glass door unit and door merchandiser are:
Common Part Replacements
Not Enough Cooling
Taking Longer to Provide Normal Cooling
Power Supply Issues

Horizontal Stand-Alone Freezers and Coolers

Horizontal Stand-Alone Freezers and Coolers give you more space to store items in bulk. Their small footprints make them a popular choice. The common issues with horizontal stand-alone freezers or coolers are:
Not Freezing or Cooling
Making Clicking Sounds
Thermostat Not Working
Clogged Drain and Leakage

Wine Coolers

Wine Coolers have different elements to keep the wine or juice cool. They can be of various types, such as built-in, under-counter, or free standing. The common trouble-causing things with the wine coolers can be.
Faulty Thermostat
Fan Not Working
Faulty Evaporator

Industrial Chillers

Industrial Chillers provide a consistent temperature for your whole Industrial process. The systems of industrial chillers range vastly in design. Some common problems that can occur with the industrial chillers can be:
Power Issues
No pumping or Insufficient Fluid Flow
No cooling or Insufficient Cooling
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Food Processing Chillers / Freezers

Food Processing Chillers or Processors use process cooling to remove heat. They are generally available in two types, portable cooling chillers and glycol chillers. The troubles that can get in the way of smooth functioning of food processing chillers or freezers can be:
Some product is Freezing
Some product is Shriveling
Some product is Sweating and has free water on it
The product is displaying premature ripening/discoloring/loss of leaves (in plants)
Product has odor OR off-flavor
Products are Rotting

Beverage Dispensers

Beverage Dispensers are the most heavily used appliance in the food business. Below are some of the issues you might be having with your beverage dispenser. Below are the most common problems with beverage dispensers.
Disrupted Water-to-Syrup Ratio
CO2 Issue
Mechanical Dispensing Issues
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Couldn't find your type of commercial cooling unit in the list? No problem! Getting your refrigeration system working is our promise - just reach out to us!
We are Worth It! Try us ONCE, and We’ll Win Your Trust.

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